Seasons Enhanced: All Board Gamers Need A Friend Like This

Seasons Enhanced: All Board Gamers Need A Friend Like This

We all have a game in our board game collection that we love– the one you can’t stop thinking about; the one for which you’re counting down the days until the next expansion; the one you can no longer store in its original box along with the expansions. You know the one I’m talking about. Wouldn’t it be great to create a custom insert to fit all of those expansion components? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to have a friend who could make you your very own custom insert? For one lucky board game lover, Charles Wellington is such a friend. Late last year, Charles’ best friend asked him to create a custom insert for Seasons that would store all the original as well as the expansion components. Charles took on the challenge and not only created an amazing insert, but also added some custom components for good measure.

Charles’ goal with this insert design was to make the game both easy to store and easy to set up. To accomplish this, Charles meticulously cut, stacked, and glued white foam core to create a two-level insert. The top section holds the primary components and can be lifted from the box and moved to the table top and serve as the game play surface. The bottom section holds the cards, destiny die, extra tokens, and a draw bag to randomize token draws when needed. With Charles’ insert, for his friend, playing Season’s is a simple as opening the box, taking out the dice, and rolling.

If a kick-ass insert wasn’t enough, Charles contacted another friend to create a surprise enhancement to include in the upgraded game. His friend used chain mail to make 80 “scalemail” flowers in four different colors to replace the OEM energy tokens.

You might be thinking “that looks like a lot of work.” It was! Charles said it took about six hours over three days to make the insert and an additional afternoon to construct the flowers.

Charles’ creative juices continue to flow. He plans to further enhance his friend’s copy of Seasons by decorating the white foam core to correspond with the colors of the seasons. Stay tuned for more on this next phase of the project!