Fantasy Coins And Bars

Fantasy Coins And Bars

This game accessory focused Kickstarter has numerous well designed coins and gems intentionally crafted to match popular board games from the past year. This funded Kickstarter will give you access to 10 new coin sets for 2015 in addition to improved coins from previous sets. The project creators have an existing website and are honest about the past supplier hiccups they experienced as well as the solutions implemented.

Coin Design

Designing coins is process that doesn’t stop after the hours of drawing the images that will stamped into the metal are complete. In order to be great each coin must have a good hand feel. In this project the coins were crafted to be thick enough to provide heft, but sound was also taken into account. You will see this in the design the of the smaller coins which were made thinner to maintain a nice loose change sound instead of a dull clink.

Board Game Matches

While most of the coins are intended to be used to replace fantasy money that needs to be exchanged in your tabletop experience at least two of the sets are certainly designed with specific board games in mind. First the “Water Helm” set which is a close replica of the coins used in Lords of Waterdeep:

Second the “Smaller Gems” are almost 1 to 1 with the gem designs in Splendor:

Source: Fantasy Coins and Bars on Kickstarter

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