Container 3D Printed Remake

Container 3D Printed Remake

The board game Container is currently out of print, but that didn’t stop Google+ user Kaj Jansson from creating and sharing a 3D printable version. After thinking about creating better pieces to play his copy of Container with Kaj decided it was time to dive in. After he built his own 3D-printer he learned how to use CAD software to design and print a complete game of Container.

Where to get it

The source files for the 3D models are in FreeCAD format, but also available as STL meshes. You can find the files uploaded at Thingiverse. The 2D designs (island, harbours and cards) are in SVG format and are uploaded on BGG.

How to make it

Kaj says

“I am by far no expert in neither 3D nor 2D printing but this is how I printed my copy. The 3D parts were all printed with my RepRapPro Mono Mendel using a 0.5 mm nozzle and PLA filaments (except the blue one, that is PETG). Since some heights of the 3D models are in half millimetres I used a layer height of 0.25 mm. The 2D parts were printed with 600 DPI, cut with scissors and then laminated. You will have to switch the bottom color of the gradient in harbour SVG file to have appropriate colour for each of the five players.”

Source: Thingiverse / Google+